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Producer and Supplier of medicinal and aromatic plants
Texte alternatif anglais


Our expertise : dried plants

PMA28’s main aim is to offer dried and processed plants to meet customer requirements.

The plants are sold in different forms depending on their intended markets.

  • Fresh Plants :
    We can supply fresh, or even frozen, aromatic plants on demand for the pharmaceutical or cosmetic industry which at times require small quantities in order to develop homeopathic medicines or extracts. This production sector is still a minority one within the company given the volume occupied by fresh plant material and the costs involved in transport, harvesting and even freezing.
  • Dried Plants :
    We essentially sell dried plants for user sectors. The choice of drying method is based on the nature of the plants, the outlet targeted, the harvesting periods and the quantities involved.

    Once gathered and dried, the plants can go through various processes. So, according to the needs of our clients and depending on their intended use, we offer our plants whole or :

  •  Cut / Sifted :
    There are 2 types of cut available :
    • an extraction cut carried out with the aid of a knife mill which can be calibrated from around 0.5 to 3 cm
    • a cut followed by sifting mainly required for herbalism and carried out with another mill. In this case calibration of the cut is set at 0.1 to 3 cm.
  • Powdered :
    All our plants, once dried, can be sold in power form. Equipped with two hammer mills and a rotary sieve, we can offer a variety of grain sizes : 1200, 1000, 800, 500, 300 and <300 µm.
  • Warm treated : with microbiology conformity (whole, cut or powders).
  • Sorted : mechanical sorting, manual or colorimetry (optical sorting).
  • Mixed : for homogeneization or outsourced mix with several herbs.
  • Washing and drying fresh plants.
  • CO2 decontamination : 2 rooms for 80 pallets total, for killing insects, larvas and eggs in the products.
  • Abrasive powders : different sizes powders from fruit kernels and shells, for cosmetic application.

Other possibilities can also be offered or considered, depending on requirements and the desired end result, but also as service provision.