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Producer and Supplier of medicinal and aromatic plants
Texte alternatif anglais


Our quality service : an uncompromising guideline

Working for man and the environment, our job requires us to make sure that we can control and trace all our products throughout the whole production chain.

Our plants are grown, harvested, dried and processed following the GACP (Good Agricultural and Collection Practices) guidelines to ensure that our farming methods are ever more responsible and sustainable and to ensure the optimal content of active ingredients.
In addition :

  • a technical itinerary is developed by our agronomy service for each of our plants
  • a crop data sheet is drawn up by our agricultural partners in order to track all operations carried out during cultivation, from sowing to harvesting
  • a product sheet PMA28 indicates the origin of the plant, the conditions for harvest, drying and potential processing
  • a batch number is allocated for each item by our quality service in order to identify the supplier, the harvested area, the condition of the plant and the year it is harvested. Each batch number is therefore unique and allows us to provide traceability for each reference number
  • In order to continue to improve our service and to do so in line with our clients’ needs and current regulations, we can also provide an analysis report, to demonstrate product compliance.