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Producer and Supplier of medicinal and aromatic plants
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\"Study, not to know more, but to know better.” Sénèque

We farmers know how to cultivate the land. With 25 years of experience, we have formed an extraordinary connection with the earth, based on work, harvests and research.

Farmer : noun  : “A person who draws on nature’s resources”

From cultivation to harvesting, the seasons provide a rhythm for our work. Days get longer, temperatures climb, snow melts, the ground dries out, the first seeds appear, crops grow. As far as nature is concerned, and above all, when it comes to plants, one thing is very important : do what needs to be done at the right time. And everything begins with one task, and that is working the land !
Yes, we are still farmers and proud to be so. We love the earth and never consider it too menial, or too dirty. We know how to study its colour and richness, its fertility and porosity.

Beyond our skills "as land craftsmen", recognising and acquiring a good understanding of nature’s treasures means having solid fundamental knowledge of plant production and the management of environmental resources such as :

  • botany and identifying plants that are suitable for our land
  • screening and protecting crops with an ecological vision
  • fertilisation
  • the main production problems and the changes required
  • identification of weeds
  • germination capacities

All this know-how has been working for you for over 25 years...