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Producer and Supplier of medicinal and aromatic plants
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The earth is not just a trivial production tool, it is our partner

Because of our respect for the environment, we work in compliance with rigorous specifications to ensure that our production methods continue to produce the quality we expect.

A lot of human and material investment is necessary to be a producer : in order to respond to regulatory and market demands our company is continuously on the lookout for efficiency, productivity, for how to tackle current safety challenges, apply modern methods and guarantee quality. It is a job where one must be conscientious and observant. The production process is not an exact science ; climatic hazards alone account for numerous difficult experiences. Organising crops on site, managing harvests, managing teams, optimising quality, following regulations, rules for hygiene and safety etc. The term producer encompasses all of this. Our company’s determination, commitment and investment in the face of the constraints within this demanding profession, are ultimately what is needed to produce medicinal and aromatic plants with effective active ingredients and intrinsic qualities that comply with regulations and our clients’ requirements !