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Commitments & CSR

"Co-constructing and developing our activities together on a model sustainable, by promoting the emergence of positive energies linked to social, societal and environmental aspects, supported by the group governance."

Mastery of our process: more sustainable production

for our environment

Because we consider plants to be a true gift of nature, we cultivate them with care and

transparency, to offer our customers only the best.

From cultivation to picking, our work is punctuated by seasonality. We study the color of the earth, its richness, its fertility, and its porosity.

Beyond our knowledge of "craftsmen of the earth", recognizing and cultivating these treasures of nature wisely implies having solid fundamental knowledge in plant production and in the management of environmental resources such as:

  • Botany and the identification of plants adapted to our region,

  • Screening and phytoprotection with an ecological vision,

  • fertilization,

  • The main problems of a production and the necessary fixes,

  • Identification of weeds,

  • The germinative capacity...

High quality

Since July 2005, PMA28 has been cultivating, harvesting, drying and shaping its crops in compliance with GACP (Good Agricultural and Collection Practices) and Good Agricultural and Harvesting Practices.

The quality function guarantees the regulatory compliance of the company's activity and the relevance of our processes. With this in mind, we created our Quality department in July 2005:

  • The plants we produce in France are grown, harvested, dried and shaped according to the Guide to Good Agricultural and Harvesting Practices (GACP). This guide was developed by the EMEA (European Medicines Agency) in order to establish a more reasoned agriculture. 

  • GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices). From the design of our premises to the development of various procedures, we make every effort to follow Good Manufacturing and Hygiene Practices (BPH). 

  • Thanks to our organization, we are able to guarantee complete traceability of our products from sowing or from receipt of the harvested raw material to shipment of the finished product, identifying and coding all batches at each stage of their transformation. 

  • Compliance with European Pharmacopoeia standards 

  • HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) approach since 2007: Institutionalized in the European Union, HACCP is a method for controlling, preventing and reducing biological, physical or chemical hazards to an acceptable level._cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

  • Member of ITEIPMAI (Interprofessional Technical Institute of Perfume, Medicinal and Aromatic Plants)

  • Member of SYNADIET (National Union of Food Supplements)


KOSHER:since 2007

Certificate awarded and followed by the Beth Din of Paris.

FDA  :since 2015

We are approved for exports to the USA.

FCA (GMP Feed):since June 2017

Certification for animal feed.

ISO22000:since June 2017

Certification validated by Bureau Véritas, for the management of food safety.

GMP / GMP:since September 2017

Validated and awarded by the ANSM.

ISO 26030 - CSR: since September 2021

Evaluation awarded by Bureau Veritas

EcoVadis evaluation: since December 2023


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Tdownload certificate


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Tdownload certificate

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Tdownload certificate

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Sustainable development

Because the preservation of the world in which we live is one of our main concerns, PMA28 engages in various approaches related to sustainable development.

Some example figures:


13 T

cardboard recycled, of which 10% internally thanks to the investment in a shredder, then reused during shipments.

You want to buy cushioning cardboard from us for your shipments - 02 37 98 66 50



of our plant waste is recycled and sent to methanisation (Marboué).

Anaerobic digestion transforms organic matter into methane biogas which is reinjected into the network, and into residue (digestate) used as agricultural fertilizer.



of the stock of bulbs has been changed to led in 2022. Our objective for 2023 is to go to 100%!



Thanks to the natural EcO2 process, the management of our pests does not require any chemical substance! Thus, there is no danger for products, employees and consumers, and we reduce our environmental impact!

Did you know ?
Our friends the pollinators need us more than ever! 


This is why, the beekeeper Jocelyne LEROY has installed a dozen beehives on the edge of our honey flower plots!

Bees can take advantage of our natural reservoir of biodiversity (hedges, fallow land, ponds, woods...). This partnership has been going on for a few years, and is not about to stop. Thanks to this action, our employees can also benefit from honey and treat themselves.

Naturalness: expertise from the field to the ingredient!

By the nature of their activities, the companies of the group shape the landscape of their region, but also thanks to the intermediary of producers, true committed partners, who work with the land.


The agricultural teams support the partner producers and together develop more virtuous practices for the environment: mechanical weeding as an alternative to chemical weeding for example, the maintenance of natural areas, the establishment of certified sectors, etc...

Agricultural engineer - PMA28



producers in Centre-Val de Loire, work with PMA28 on the agricultural part and sowing (figures for 2022).



2021: obtaining certificationHigh Environmental Value for the operation of PMA28's main partner, located in Lindron (next to Varize).



These areas are designated to protect a number of habitats and animal species. PMA28 is located on the territoryBeauce and Conie Valley

Image de John O'Nolan


tour for the group Plantes & Fruits

Towards a common improvement approach, such is the group's conviction.

Sustainable Development, and now Corporate Social Responsibility, play an essential role in all sectors of activity. It is a strategic issue, differentiating and creating values, which allows to have a global vision of the performance of the company or the organization; it is an ethic that gives meaning and

project consistency.

Committed to a responsible approach, we take into account the environmental, social, societal and governance dimensions at each stage of our growth, to be in line with the values that are ours. Everyone, within our various organizations, contributes, through their daily action, to supporting us on this path. The entire Group is ready to take up the major challenges of sustainable development, and make Plantes & Fruits an ever more committed and responsible holding company!

Manon Hébert

Head of the CSR project of the Plantes & Fruits group

Plante germée




Decent Workand respectful of women and men



Environment, which we protect on a daily basis

with regard to our industrial and technical developments



masteryof our know-how, which we bring to our customers and stakeholders



Proximity that we favorin our exchanges

with our suppliers, partners and service providers



Committed circular economyin our companies,

by promoting methanization and recycling



Territory,that we are proud to energize



Listening and discussionswith our stakeholders



Solidaritythat we highlight in our

CSR participatory actions

Image de Dan Stark

Issues and commitments

Aware of its responsibilities, Plantes & Fruits has analyzed the environmental, social and societal issues to which the Group and its stakeholders could be exposed, by carrying out a risk analysis.

Fichier 2.png

Our ambitions until 2025

By following the ISO26030 standard, we aim to improve our score during the CSR audit. This requires the resumption of good practices, intelligent and sustainable investments, and the strengthening of our economic model on the local and organic. We put a point of honor on the respect of the Human and the social values that it includes. The quality of our plants and fruits, as well as upstream and downstream traceability are part of our unique value proposition in our various markets.

View our CSR report


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