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This range upgrades our by-products of raw materials

abrasive powderDuring the plant raw materials sieving step, we sieve the shells and cores of products, in order to obtain different granulometries of exfoliants intended for the cosmetic industries.

The possible cup sizes 
in herbalism

Almost all of our plants can be cut from 0.1 to 3 cm, and sieved to remove fine particles and calibrate the cuts. They can be used for bulk or sachet infusions, herbal teas, decoctions, drinks and other uses in herbalism. 

We can complete our productions with mechanical or manual sorting to guarantee the absence of foreign elements.

Teas, herbal teas and infusions

Comforting and aromatic, herbal teas allow us to take advantage of their medicinal properties according to our desires. If each plant is unique, we can mix the plants according to our needs for even more efficiency. There is something for all tastes and the whole family. Depending on the plant, flowers, seeds and roots will be used. Indeed, each part of the plants has specific properties.


The decoction consists in extracting by boiling the chemical substances and active principles contained in herbs and other plants. The plants in question are generally stems, roots, barks or rhizomes.


Through drinks, you benefit from all the properties of plants: smoothies, syrups, lemonade or even grog, there is something for everyone!


With our many plants in the catalog and our expertise, we meet your expectations


Thanks to our mixer, we offer you a plant mixing service with aromatization


We offer a variety of packaging, in bags, boxes or in big-bags

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The list of plants

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