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abrasive powders

During the stone or pome fruit processing stage, we recover the by-products in order to recycle them into abrasive powders.

The different grain sizes that we obtain after the process allow us to offer exfoliants intended for the cosmetic industries or for other applications.

The fruits
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Derived from shells, fruit pits or pips (achenes), our abrasive powders are 100% natural. Grinding and sieving to different grain sizes are carried out on our production lines.

This allows us to recover materials considered as waste.This ingredient is 100% upcycled!

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Cleaning products

We supply core aggregatesx, glitches or shells, to create exfoliants, which can be used in the composition of soaps and gels for cleaning the skin (scrub, peeling). These aggregates are natural abrasives that gently cleanse the skin.

Exfoliators and scrubs

Thiss natural exfoliating grains can be used to gently remove dead cells from the epidermis and restore the soft, natural texture of the skin. Our products are suitable for several types of scrubs:

  • body and face scrubsimage,

  • hand and foot scrubs,

  • nail scrubs,

  • scalp scrubs...

Industrial vegetable abrasive

Used for stripping by airbrushing delicate surfaces without altering the support, it is a natural and ecological abrasive, non-toxic. Usable in the construction or mechanical industries.

100% natural

The shells and pits come directly from the fruit and are fully biodegradable vegetable abrasives


100% of the fruit by-product is reused in the manufacture of our powders


We are able to provide you with many grain sizes to meet all your needs.


We offer a variety of packaging (in bags or buckets) ranging from

15 to 25 kg, or in big-bag


The manufacturing process
abrasive powders

By recovering the pits, pips or fruit shells, we grind them and then pass them through different sieves (800, 400, 300, 200...) to obtain different fractions of exfoliants.

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