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Our plants

Natural health, drawn directly from the riches of the earth. Plants have always helped to improve our health and well-being.

Natural health, directly drawn from the riches of the Earth

Plants have always contributednt to improving our health and well-being.

For each of the 70 species cultivated by us, we identify:

  • The scientific name (genus, species ex: Fumaria officinalis)

  • The part ofplant used (root, leaf, seed, etc.)

  • The active ingredients sought

  • Climatic and soil requirements

  • Establishment: sowing or planting

  • Vegetative development (mechanical harvest possible!)

  • The harvest stage

  • Yield potential


860 other dried plants are supplied throughout the world (in more than 60 countries) and we offer around 1,500 catalog references.

Find your plant among the list

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Fausse Valeriane 4.85 Mo.JPG

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Our vegetable oils

Extracted at HUILERIES DE BEAUCE,  our oils come from cold pressing by hydraulic press, and marketed by the PMA28 teams!

Our products are 100% from Organic Farming, 100% local fabric.

Our objective :Promoting our seeds, which are very little grown in France, thanks to the activity Research,by carrying out trials and experiments on new varieties and plants.

Cultivated seeds
Image de CRYSTALWEED cannabis

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We even value the co-products of our oils: cakes


Cakes are the solid residues from the extraction of oil from oilseeds. These are the co-products of trituration, the oil manufacturing process. They generally represent 50 to 75% of the mass of the seeds. These products are mainly intended for the animal feed industries.

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